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Prev Reddy's Leicester Square Questionnaire



Coined as the Queen of The Gowns; The Gown is Prev Reddy’s new highly anticipated comedy special that explores Aunty Shamilla’s life over the past two years, with an insight into the “woman behind the gown.” 

What’s your most memorable heckle?    

In character, whilst performing I asked the audience what they think a special skill of mine is and someone yelled ‘A Lord Farquad Impersonator’. I laughed for 10 minutes. 


Where do you go for your pre/post Leicester Square Theatre gig food?   

So it is my first time performing at the theatre, but not my first time to Leicester Square. When I’m there I often find myself at the Five Guys so I have no doubt that’s where I’ll be!  


What’s one word to describe the state of the UK?   

I feel like this is a trick question so, pass? 


Snog, Marry, Avoid - Priti Patel, Piers Morgan, Andrew Neil   

Lordy. Okay, Marry Andrew, Avoid Piers and…Snog Priti. WHO WROTE THESE?   

Who's the best upcoming performer in the country that we haven't heard of?



Has lockdown influenced your material? If not, why?   

Definitely has, it forced me to to translate my stand up jokes into skit content. At the time, because the entire world was in a lockdown, it made me broaden the my content, so yes it was South African but the gag’s or ‘plots’ could be understood anywhere and I think that’s how we’re here today, in the UK!


Who would you describe as your arch-nemesis?   

Influencers.  The name, the idea behind it, the rep it’s gotten. LIKE WHAT IS IT THAT YOU ACTUALLY DO?


When was the time you bombed the most onstage?   

I was headlining a show in Ballito, South Africa. I performed to a full house of upper class rich folk who didn’t find a middle-class Indian boy funny at all. 


What’s been your strangest fan encounter?   

I had a mom who’s two kids begged her to let them cut their hair like Aunty Shamilla…And she let them!


Where’s your favourite place to tour?   

Dubai was a blast for me, it wasn’t a full show. I did an abridge version I guess but the crowd was fantastic. 


How do you like to relax after a gig?   

With the coldest glass of G&T

What’s the one thing you want the audience to take away from your show?   

Your roots should not restrict you, nor should you be ashamed of where you’re from. It’s your superpower.


Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers?   

Note that I will be having nightmares about these but sure, fingers as long as my legs.


Who would win in a fight: Badger or Baboon?    

I’m gonna go with the Badger! The underdog, plus look at Tom & Jerry or Tweety Bird, the little guy always wins.   


What’s the oddest thing you’ve overheard in London?    

That you guys called packets ‘bags’ at the supermarket.